Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse in black and white
Views towards Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse

How the Art is Born


Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse

Under normal circumstances, I like to wake up early and get to places before anyone else does, to be the first one there. This way, I feel much freer and it's much easier to take photos and videos for creating artwork prints.

Under normal circumstances, by the time others start arriving, I've already completed a large portion of the work and often find myself heading back home.

Today, things were different. After a very busy week, I allowed myself to be lazy for a bit, so I left home later than usual. Today, I'm going to a place I've been meaning to visit for a long time, but somehow never managed to get there. That place is none other than the Sir Peter Scott Lighthouse at Sutton Bridge.

The lighthouse from distance,artwork,black and white
Paths leading towards the lighthouse.

It's almost nine o'clock by the time I arrive, and the parking lot is still empty. Rising above the parking lot is the white lighthouse, which also marks the beginning of the Peter Scott walking trail, a nineteen-kilometer-long trail along the coastline that stretches all the way to Kings Lynn.

I slowly start following the trail. The weather is sunny but very windy. I follow the trail for a few kilometers, enjoying the scenery around me and trying to take some photos along the way so i can create framed artwork later.

Old wooden sign on walkway,black and white art.
Old Storm Beaten sign

This environment is very unusual for me because I usually go to the mountains, where I feel comfortable. This very flat and easy walk feels very unusual to me. I observe the waterfowl through my binoculars, which I find very interesting. I decided that maybe later in the summer, I'll walk the entire trail to Kings Lynn.

After walking for a few kilometers, I decide to turn back and head towards the lighthouse. On the way, I meet some dog walkers, and the closer I get to the lighthouse, the more people I encounter, including families with young children. It reminds me of when my own children were small. We used to go somewhere every weekend, and I tried to show them the beauty of nature and teach them to protect it to the best of my knowledge.

After returning to the car and unsuccessfully trying to clean my boots from the mud, I sat in the car and headed home.

I feel very good. I always feel good when I can be in nature, whether it's up in the mountains or down by the seaside.

I'd like to thank you for joining me on this short journey, and I hope we'll meet again. Thank you.


A man and his dog walking towards the lighthouse,black and white artwork.
A dog walker near to the lighthouse.

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