How the Art is born


Episode 1

Stanage Edge-Peak District Natonal Park

Rocks and trees in Peak District National Park.
Rocks and trees.

It's four in the morning, and the loud sound of the alarm pierces the silence. I switch it off quickly but remain lying down. I didn't sleep well, feeling tired. I should go hiking today and take some new photos to create new artwork. I'm considering staying home and going another time...

I push this thought away and quickly get out of bed, make some tea, pack the necessary things, and head out.

Today, I'm heading to the Peak District National Park, where I want to visit Stanage Edge.

After a good two-hour drive, I arrived in a village called Hathersage and parked the car. After paying for parking, I set off towards the mountains. I don't rush; I want to enjoy every moment of the hike. I feel really good, grateful that I managed to overcome my laziness and didn't stay home.

It's nearly eight, and there's no one around; I walk alone. I listen to the birdsong and enjoy the cool morning breeze caressing my face. Sometimes a squirrel jumps from one tree to another. It's quiet, and I love it.

Hills in Peak District National Park.
Hills in the distance in Peak District National Park.

I keep looking around, maybe something will catch my interest and I can take a photo. For now, nothing. Slowly, the cliffs of Stanage Edge unfold before me. It's a huge, impressive, several kilometers long rock wall. The sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds, and I take it as a good sign. I continue walking up to the top of the rocky ridge.

After a short but steep climb, I reach the top, and what awaits there is truly breathtaking. The view is gorgeous, and you can see for many kilometers. Up here, there are rocks of various shapes and sizes everywhere, as if some giant scattered them around. I take a few quick photos and start walking west to find something more interesting to photograph.

Rocks n Stanage Edge.
Rocks with a view.

Suddenly, the sun disappears, and darkness descends. Within minutes, it starts raining. Visibility becomes very limited. I walk for another hour, but the fog and rain become denser, so I decide to leave and head back to the village, taking a different route. Maybe I'll have better luck that way.

When I descend from the mountain, I have my lunch, which consists of two apples, and slowly start walking back to the village. About an hour later, the clouds break, and the sun shines again. Within half an hour, the sky clears up, and the sun shines so strongly that I have to take off my sweater.

It's a beautiful walk back through the countryside. I think the Gods didn't want me to take photos today, but it's okay; I still enjoyed every minute of this beautiful albeit very muddy walk through some fields filled with sheep. Soon, I see the village, and shortly after, I arrive.

Sunny fields.
Sunny fields in Peak District National Park.

Today, I didn't manage to take any serious photos, but it was one of those days where I enjoyed every minute, and instead of feeling tired, I came home feeling energized.

This is why I love doing this, and this is what means more to me than any money, being out in nature and traveling. This is my destiny.


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